Just at Dusk

Just at dusk
a light breeze
cools this August day

Just at dusk
a cardinal swoops down
for one last seed before bed

Just at dusk
the screaming buzz of the cicada
reaches crescendo

Just at dusk
the silhouettes of bats
flutter against the fading sky

Just at dusk
I sit on the porch
and ponder my Life
Just at dusk

(cardinal photo by Betty McCreary)

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Born and raised in Central Texas. Spending time outside brings me joy and I love to share my observations. I also belong to two writing groups and enjoy researching my ancestors. I find people interesting, but Nature keeps me sane.

11 thoughts on “Just at Dusk”

  1. That was beautiful. All the analogies to our own personal dusk – fading skies, one last seed, even (especially nowadays) screaming, and pondering. And yes, that cardinal shot is gorgeous.


  2. Thanks Trish! Yes, I meant for the personal dusk to be a metaphor for those like me who are in their later years…however, I am amazed that I also had the last seed and the fading skies as metaphors! Love that you saw them as such and now I do too!


  3. It’s the little things, especially in nature these days, which keep us keeping on with living the best lives we can manage. Mornings are my special times and now I will try sitting on my porch of evenings…just at dusk. I enjoyed this prose Betty, thank you!


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