Pandemic Eyes

Sitting in my car, I observe the people in the parking lot. Some don’t put on their masks until they are at the store entrance. Others put on their masks before they get out of their cars. That is what I do. Turn off the ignition, grab my purse and car keys and put my mask on. I position it properly with both mouth and nose covered.

I peer over my mask at the other shoppers making sure we don’t get closer than 6 feet from each other, which is not always possible. Do I have to wait until the person looking at every brand and flavor of soup finishes and leaves before I can continue? The aisles are narrow. Usually I just pass them anyway, averting my head so I don’t breathe on them. I never really enjoyed shopping for food. Now, I hate it.

We are watching more t.v. now that we are staying home most of the time. I yell at the actors for not social distancing, something I would never do in the real world for fear of bodily harm in the form of some angry anti-masker coughing on me.

Technology is wonderful. We can stay connected via our phones and computers. However, participating in Zoom gatherings is very frustrating in that I cannot make direct eye contact with anyone. And I am tired of looking at my own expressions.

I find peace in being outdoors, but even the shape of certain flowers or seed heads remind me of pictures I have seen of the covid-19 virus.

Anything that is spherical with spikes, even a child’s rubber ball. Every part of life now seems to be through the lens of the pandemic. If you had told me a year ago that we would all be wearing masks, I wouldn’t have believed you. I wonder what our country will look like a year from now? Whether you are marching in the streets for justice or venturing out to work or caring for loved ones, please stay safe.

Cactus Flower
Firewheel (Gaillardia pulchella)

All photos by Betty McCreary

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Born and raised in Central Texas. Spending time outside brings me joy and I love to share my observations. I also belong to two writing groups and enjoy researching my ancestors. I find people interesting, but Nature keeps me sane.

10 thoughts on “Pandemic Eyes”

  1. I fear this new “normal” will be with us for a while. The way you describe the heightened awareness of the disease resonates. My dreams have disclosed themes of paranoia. Stay safe, Betty.


  2. I too Betty, work around people and wait a lot in the grocery stores. I am beginning to not want to go at all. I do the same as you with my mask and sometimes wear two of the lighter weight folded ones and have learned to put the blue side out.

    Your observance of things shaped like the covid-19 pictures we’ve been shown is quite interesting. Now I recognize that my dryer balls have this configuration and the brown centers of the Echinecia flowers too. The chocolate/coconut drops I make from time to time have all of those “fingers”. So far, these haven’t repelled me but now I am more aware, thanks to you. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. Great read! So true about masks, social distancing & stores. So many mixed messages but I go a bit overboard in ways to stay safe at home, during walks and being essential at work . While Covid has created social distancing we are all human and need one another. 😷


  4. 2020 has been incredibly challenging to presumptions about how society and the planet work, and so many of us have personal challenges underway as well. I’m thinking of the many teachers who have to choose between a profession and personal safety. I’m thinking of the many w/o employment literally unable to care for themselves and their families. 2020 is a crisis. We’re all in the midst of evolving change. I look forward to looking back on 2020 … fingers crossed that comes within my life span. I am intrigued with your flower images as COVID symbols … the flowers gorgeous even in association with the dreaded … perhaps a hint that COVID might someday be seen differently (once we are beyond the utter dread).


  5. I too look forward to a new time when we can again have some hope that we can make the world better for everyone.
    I have mixed feelings about the covid virus shape. There is fear and even anger and then I also find it sort of pretty. I guess it looks interesting and innocuous and cute until you learn how destructive and callous it is.


  6. Very real perspective. All You wrote is true. Eyes are just a expression of a Soul not a desease. I was in bed Covid last 3 month. During a Covid mostly saved me a juice, tea, soup, honey, every kind of liker, alcohol in a mouth and nose (it seems stupid but works) saved a smell and taste in a mouth and nose every 15 min. Sour throat is something horrible, dizziness also. I hadn’t a high fever but fatigue yes. Opened window 24/7 next to bed saved my lungs. I don’t believe noone who saying what is it. A photo of Covid is just a marketing. My hair was falling, when put a water on a dead hair, dry it, it is green so this is not virus. Something biological poison with a flu. Peoples breath really can bring a desease, they do not stays at home, my friend Ana want to keep a job so she was sick and going out, hug me, while talking to my face infect me who travel 2 years 2019/2020 and did not be infected. Returned here in a city and go out with Ana and tomorrow 18 December 2021 I woke up with a bed symptoms. Really Bronchitis getting further to pneumonia if did not get a antibiotic. Doctor said “no cure for a Covid” and left me in a Covid complication. Lucky is having a family who brought me fruits, food and antibiotic. I barely survived. Alone at home. After 11 days I can go out but I was avoiding people 3 months, because I know it was still in me till several days ago. I was going out, quickly buying a food and returned. If this war start to spread out from Ukraine, if they all start to use biological weapon, the same scenario will be returned. If chemical weapon will be in use, only God can help Us. I hate shopping also, this young stupid people who are passing next to me and no distance I really hate. I yell also. Wise people having a eyes of Fear, with a real real danger reason. Others bringing and spreading a virus everywhere. Protect ourselves from everything and everyone because when we get sick 90% neighbors and family left us in a problem. I so not want this any more, rather wearing a musk 24/7 than dying slowly and so much pain. Euthanasia is more mercyfull. Good luck. All best. Blog is very interesting, realistic. Natural. 🌹


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