Growing History

I wanted to write this month’s blog about Black History month and planned on focusing on Harriet Tubman. I had read a wonderful biography about her entitled Harriet Tubman- The Road to Freedom by Catherine Clinton. I wanted to share more about her life beyond her work with the Underground Railroad. But, I have gotten distracted by news coverage of the Russian invasion of the country of Ukraine. So, I will not write about Harriet Tubman this month, but will still celebrate Black History month.

On February 23rd, I discovered live television coverage of a United Nations Security Council meeting about the Russian threat to Ukraine. This was on CSPAN. I sat before the t.v. with my husband and daughter and watched as most of the ambassadors condemned Russia’s actions. There were ambassadors of different races and cultures of course, but also a good number of women representing their countries. Particularly interesting to me was our United States Ambassador, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who has held the position for about a year. She was one of the people speaking in condemnation of the Russian president. Here is a photo of her that evening:

As I have watched coverage of the crisis on t.v., I have noticed quite a few black experts on Ukraine being interviewed by the news anchors. One person who has appeared several times over the past few days is a black man hunkered down in Kyiv. His name is Terrell Jermaine Starr and the following video is from MSNBC (if the link does not work, please search for him on the internet):

As a proud American, I believe we need to not turn a blind eye to our history. We need to continually examine our past and how it continues to shape us. But, I also believe we need to pay close attention to the history that is being made right now. And these two people are both witnesses to history and are growing history.

Sunflower- the National Flower of Ukraine

*A link to another piece about Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield:

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Born and raised in Central Texas. Spending time outside brings me joy and I love to share my observations. I also belong to two writing groups and enjoy researching my ancestors. I find people interesting, but Nature keeps me sane.

8 thoughts on “Growing History”

  1. Linda Thomas-Greenfield makes a striking positive representative for Black History Month – thank you for giving her the spotlight. Black History (and world political history) keep evolving and becoming more integrated over time. I cross my fingers that perhaps we within the US can find a way to integrate our walled-off differences and work together – for our own country and for our support of Ukraine (plus future conflicts likely brewing). Thanks for a thought-provoking post, Betty.


  2. Thank you Jazz! As a white person I feel a bit hesitant to weigh in on some racial topics. But, I love learning about new people (had not seen our ambassador in action before) and sharing my learnings with others. I cross my fingers too for a better understanding of each other and working together.

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  3. I can’t agree more. We need to have a good grasp of past history, with a finger on the pulse what is currently happening. I have been awed by the representatives from Canada, also. We need solid people during these tumultuous times.


  4. Betty, As always, this essay is a valued addition to my reading life. Connecting Black History Month with responses to the current world crisis broadens my perspective in important ways. Thank you. abrazos, Marcia


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