My Beach Trip

Port Aransas, Texas Seagulls

My vacation view

Golden Gulf waves


Me sitting on the best balcony ever

Sturdy deck chair

Watching gulls wheel over hot bright sand

hearing their laughter

Sea breeze ruffles my hair

giant tanker ships far away

passing slowly

pelicans cruising in

armadas of four or more

people wading, surfing

fishing, and flying kites



Surf sound

My dream

(these words describe a June 2013 trip to Port Aransas, Texas and a trip I have been fantasizing about taking since the pandemic began)

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Born and raised in Central Texas. Spending time outside brings me joy and I love to share my observations. I also belong to two writing groups and enjoy researching my ancestors. I find people interesting, but Nature keeps me sane.

12 thoughts on “My Beach Trip”

  1. Reading along I got more and more in the mood to be on the coast again. We like to go during the winter/spring months … I like being near the water, not so much getting into it …
    That’s an amazing photo full of energy and at the same time swooshing me with a sense of tranquility … like the birds have taken charge of action, everyone else just relax! (And dream.)


  2. Hi Betty – I couldn’t see any pictures except the seagulls! Is there a fix or something I need to do? I tried clicking on the captions but nothing happened. I’m so very disappointed!!!



    1. There is only the seagull photo this time. Maybe you can conjure up the other visuals in your imagination…(I would have posted more photos but was unable to find what I wanted…a sign that my “stuff” needs even more organizing so I can find what I want)


  3. This encapsulates my experiences at Port A. I have a special fondness for the ‘armadas’ of pelicans. Thank you for taking me there.


  4. Dear Betty,

    Thank you for sending the link to your new posting. I tried to post this comment, “Thank you Betty. I always enjoy your musings and photographs. The seagull is amazing – so crisp and clear I can almost hear him sreeching” but word press wouldn’t let me. It said another account was using . But that’s me. 🙂 Couldn’t figure out what to do so am sending the comment directly to you.

    Thank you for keeping me in the loop in the loop because I love reading and looking at your blogs!



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