Tree Peace

Decorated Live Oak In Our Front Yard

Just like many of you, the holiday lights that decorate our indoor and outdoor spaces give a lift to the melancholy and stress that I feel this time of year. Especially this year.

I also like to sit on my back porch and just sit and stare at the trees and the sky. Sometimes when I do this I am driven in by the sudden barking of a neighbor’s dog or yelling of children nearby. My main nemesis is the loud leaf blowers that are so popular among the anti-leafers. So, I was very lucky recently to sit at sunset and just be in silence. I guess this is my meditation. The more I am able to just sit, the better I deal with all the other everyday stresses.

During this particular quiet sit, I watched the bare burr oak tree as the waning sun gradually left the tree limbs dark in front and the ones in back glowed pink.

Sunset With Burr Oak

I have much to be grateful for this year, but am not sorry to say goodbye to 2020.

Here’s to a better, peaceful year ahead for all of us!

Happy New Year to you all!

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Born and raised in Central Texas. Spending time outside brings me joy and I love to share my observations. I also belong to two writing groups and enjoy researching my ancestors. I find people interesting, but Nature keeps me sane.

7 thoughts on “Tree Peace”

  1. Gorgeous images, Betty! I abandoned putting up seasonal decorations a few years back, but I thoroughly enjoy others’ efforts! And your catch of light on the burr oak limbs is equally appealing.
    Wishing you a peaceful transition into 2021 and all the oomph needed to get through the next year. (Lots of time sitting!)

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  2. Your New Year wishes illustrated with thes nice photos and the raised glass are a perfect greeting. Sitting quietly is something I treasure as well and it certainly does make the day more easy to face. I do this mostly indoor now and in my warm robe and P J’s. I really do see a difference when I miss it. Often I start my sitting with lying down, not yet out of bed and let thoughts come and dismiss them and just breathe. Before I know it 15 minutes have passed. It’s like that with photography, gardening, birding, arts, etc. there are all kinds of meditation and the best ones leave us, or rather teach us that there’s clarity in the present moment and that this is all we have. OK I just preach to myself that’s enough. Thank you for your greeting words and photos. May 2020 be a better year for us all.


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